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Top 4 Fatalities in the Construction Industry


Safety is one of the top priorities here at Taurus which is why we take every chance we can get to educate our audience on a variety of safety initiatives and ways you can protect yourself on the job site.  Recently, Viewpoint decided to take a deeper look at the construction industry’s safety statistics over the past decade.

They pored over years of data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics and OSHA to create a thorough infographic detailing fatal and non-fatal work injuries, the most common safety issues and what we can do to eliminate 57 percent of construction-related work fatalities. What they came out with was the “fatal four” injuries that contributed to 57 percent of the fatalities in the construction industry were fallscaught between objectselectrocutions and struck by objects.

Here’s what they have collected, all in a neat and tidy infographic :
(note: these are American statistics)

Some quick notes to take away:

  • From 2002-2012, 20% of all work-related deaths were in the construction industry.
  • Construction had the highest number of deaths out of any other industry.