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Wearing Appropriate PPE!

We should probably get this out of the way before we say anything else: wearing personal protective equipment (PPE) is no substitute for affecting safety plans, guidelines, and personal safety responsibility. It is just one aspect—but a very important one—one practicing safety on a work site, however, you shouldn’t use PPE as an excuse to act unsafely. You must always remain vigilant and cautious about your surroundings, whether you’re wearing PPE or not.

But the question still remains: what kind of PPE should you be wearing and how should you be wearing it? These are questions you should ask yourself on every work site, because every work site is different. Each one has a different surrounding environment, work conditions, weather conditions, processes, and equipment being used. Would you hear thin plastic gloves when the weather is below zero? No, you would wear the right type of gloves!

Here’s a few things to keep in mind:

what type of hazard are you going to encounter on the work site?
What degree of protection are you going to need?
Does your PPE fit you?
Is it being worn as instructed?
Do you have the proper training for your PPE? If not, ask!
Is there wear and tear on your PPE? Always check before wearing!
Beyond these questions, here’s some Taurus specific guidelines:

Minimum requirements are hard hats, CSA approved boots, gloves, high visibility vest, safety glasses. Long sleeve shirts and pants must be worn by all personnel and visitors on company sites. This requirement is consistent with government regulations and is required for safe operations.

Before starting a job, always consult the supervisor for any additional protective equipment such as the following:

Eye Protection
Safety Glasses
CSA approved frames and lenses
Permanent affixed side shields
No contact lenses on project site
Face shields, mono-goggles

Hard Hats
CSA Z.94.1-92 (R1998) or ANZI Z89.1-1997 approved.
Check condition of hard hat suspension and shell frequently.
Hard hats must not be altered, e.g. drilling holes, painting them, etc.
Hard hats shall be worn brim forward
Hard hat stickers; only site specific stickers (identifiers) will be allowed.
Only company supplied hardhats will be worn.

CSA approved shoes for non-process/non-construction areas (office to office).
CSA, Class 1, Green Triangle work boot 150 mm (6”) in height with defined heel 12.5 mm (1/2”) in height.
Metatarsal protection mandatory for chainsaws, jackhammers, tampers, vibrators, sandblasting, and hydro-blasting.

Hearing Protection
CSA Class “A” rating.
Ear plugs, ear muffs or a combination of both may be required.

Respiratory Protection
Required where health hazards exist due to dust, fumes, mist, and vapors.
Taurus must approve type of protection used.
This is done by the Safety department.
Fit testing of personal respirators will also be performed by Safety department.
Taurus will provide equipment and perform training in the use of breathing air equipment for toxic or oxygen deficient atmospheres.

Fire Retardant Clothing (FRC)
Full body FRC worn as outer layer. Rain gear is no exception.
Approved for use by Taurus.

Fall Protection
Full body harness with shock absorbing lanyard.
Pay special attention to anchor points as per OH&S Codes.

Hand Protection
Gloves must generally be worn at all times when performing work. There may be exceptions depending on the task. A risk assessment should be performed.

Other PPE
Aprons/Pants (chainsaws, welding, cutting).
Knee Pads (kneeling).
Vibration Gloves (jackhammers, impact wrenches).
Cleats (icy conditions).
Other PPE as required (Job Specific).

Taurus is a heavy civil, earthworks, material handling, and civil construction company in Fort Saskatchewan, Edmonton, and Alberta.