Did you know that poor material management can be fatal to your construction business. Management skills can directly affect the progress of your construction project and is an essential element of successful project completion.

Material management takes up 40% of your labour time and is a step-by-step process that needs intricate detailing and logistical attention at all stages of construction.

Thus, having good support around you means you can go a long way. This is why you need reliable certified construction companies to support your construction project with success.

Read this blog to learn about the best material management practices to implement for your next construction project.

Key Aspects Of Planning The Management Of Materials

To ensure the successful outcome of a capital project, planning the management of your materials should be the most important practice you should adopt. Here are some practices that should always be ticked off for a construction project.

List Of Materials

A material list must be developed that defines the projects’ material requirements at a commodity level. The list should be based on the engineering deliverables and project knowledge available at the time.

The requirements for equipment such as mechanical, piping, electrical and structural should also be consolidated, and the type of items required for requisition planning should be determined. This planning is based on the piping, design specifications, instrumentation diagrams (P&IDs), and the views of the plan.

With a proper well-constructed plan and list, you can easily streamline the acquiring of materials and keep track of them.

The Requisition Plan For Materials

The list of materials made in the previous step act as the foundation for the next step: the requisition plan of materials. Requisitions are recognized and planned according to the Required On-site (ROS) dates. The average duration and lead times of the procurement determine the return on investment (ROI) for any commodity and its purchase.

This determines the amount of money that you can get back from the buyer in case the item is faulty. This also puts a time duration schedule of when a certain item needs to be available on the construction site.

The Sourcing Of Suppliers

Usually, construction firms have supplier lists that the contractor uses to pick suppliers throughout the project. The evaluation and pre-selection of suppliers are part of the requisition planning process.

Multiple suppliers are typically designated per commodity for competitive bidding, inexpensive but quality material, and to guarantee significant sources are available to support the project.

Storage Of Materials

Despite sourcing the materials efficiently for your site, they will be wasted if you do not have a place to store them correctly.

As a result, an efficient material storage strategy is to seamlessly connect on-site material storage with all other procedures involved in efficient material management.

If this aspect of construction site management is disregarded, it can lead to a slew of issues. From delays and wasted time when searching for the materials to possible casualties, there is a lot that can go wrong.

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Using Artificial Intelligence Softwares For Tracking

With the advancement of technology, AI software such as Jovix is used by certified construction companies as part of their material management services to track the materials used in construction.

Jovix is a material tracking program that has been specifically developed for the industrial and commercial construction industries, giving accurate and real-time data on material status and location. As a result, educated and precise decisions about the inventory are made.

Engineering And Construction Alignment

The construction team must assess the material requisition plan for alignment and purchasing. Meeting the material management objective of the construction team is the ultimate goal of the material requisition strategy.

In addition, the engineering team must examine the material requisition strategy and submit their deliverables. Engineering team deliveries that are late or unanticipated might cause project schedules to be delayed. This can cause a loss of a lot of money and can take a toll on the company’s reputation.

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