Experienced Site Prep Contractors

Since the inception of Taurus, we have been providing high quality site services to our clients in Fort Saskatchewan and surrounding areas. Our skilled site prep contractors have successfully handled and managed our site services for many industrial projects in Western Canada.

From project planning to greenfield site setup, our staff members are trained to handle all types of site services throughout the project. They have the necessary experience to provide support to the owners, engineers and construction workforce.

Our site prep contractors take care of all the operational and financial aspects of a construction project.

At Taurus we provide the following site services to our clients:

Labour Supply

Our trained construction contractors will provide you with a skilled and experienced workforce for your construction project.

At Taurus, we keep in mind your construction project needs and then provide you with the best labour force.

Controlling All Operations

Our dedicated team of contractors and engineers take care of all the subsystems and individual systems that run a construction project.

Site Preparation

At Taurus we prepare the construction site for construction, our top-notch team of construction contractors carry out all the necessary steps such as demolition, and renovation that is needed for the smooth running of construction projects.

Snow Removal

We also provide snow removal services to our clients. We remove the snow and prepare the construction site for an uninterrupted construction project.

Site Setup

We set up the construction site for a smooth construction project. Installation of site trailers, blocking and spillage dike construction are some of the services that we provide to our clients.

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  • Site Setup; Installation of site trailers, blocking and spillage dike construction
  • Furniture assembly, placement, and office setup
  • General maintenance of site trailers
  • Office partition construction,shelves, storage sheds, etc.
  • Construction of miscellaneous construction bridges
  • Construction of stairs and railings, ramps, sidewalks, and barricades
  • Construction and maintenance of brass alley and security shacks
  • Traffic control with barrier supply and installation
  • Facilities maintenance including plumbing and HVAC
  • Snow removal
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