Fort McMurray’s Leading Commercial Construction Contractors

Boasting an entrenched record of successful project and content clients, Taurus Projects is proud to have served Fort McMurray, Edmonton, and its outskirts since 2006. We specialize in providing commercial construction and renovation services across many industries.

We understand that in this fast-paced world, our clients are looking for an innovative, robust and efficient range of solutions for their commercial construction needs. Hence, over the past two decades, that is exactly what we have focused on.

We ensure seamless communication and provide real-time insights to our clients in order to achieve exactly what they are yearning for. Over the years, this progressive approach has helped us provide top of the line commercial construction and renovation solutions to our clients.


We Will Always Go The Extra Mile For You

At Taurus Projects, our main aim is to ensure that you get what you want and for that, we are ready to leave no stone unturned. From managing all the big aspects of your project to ensuring that even the last pipe goes to the right place, we will handle anything and everything that comes our way.

Our Core Values

The core values and foundation on which the conduct of every employee at Taurus Projects is based are:

  • Integrity and honesty — We will be respectful and fair to all of our clients
  • Quality and attention to detail — We have positive attitudes and we follow company standards and systems
  • Proactive about problem-solving — We will act to find a solution
  • Dependable and loyal — Above all else, we believe in being an ethical, dependable company that focuses on quality
  • Driven by results — We endeavor to exceed customer expectations
  • Safety comes first — We are constantly focused on the production and achieving excellence

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