Premium Construction Equipment Fleet Management

Taurus provides complete construction fleet management services including the management of large industrial equipment, commercial equipment, and highway vehicles. Our state-of-the-art maintenance facility in Fort Saskatchewan has the ability to perform routine maintenance, repairs, and inspections on most types of Industrial commercial, and highway equipment and vehicles.

This helps us save both time and money for our clients, otherwise, they would be required to get separate services from several repair and maintenance contractors. We also hold a significant stock for rent.


The Services We Offer

Our sophisticated and well-planned fleet management process is a well-taught and carefully crafted plan to put our customers at ease. Some of the services included in our fleet management service include;

  • Washing, fueling, and maintenance of all site equipment
  • Roadside assistance services, booster services
  • Construction equipment rental
  • Fuel service for all site vehicles and equipment
  • Bus service
  • Shuttle service

Benefits Of Fleet Management Services

Fleet management not only outsources a critical aspect in your construction or other related business but also saves a lot of effort and time in terms of administration and management tasks. Some of the advantages that you can enjoy by having construction equipment fleet management on hand include;

Reduce Critical Breakdowns

Prevent breakdowns by keeping the equipment well serviced and replacing components on time, ensuring that the fleet remains functional for the longest possible period.

Reduction In Maintenance Costs

Proper fleet management services reduce your maintenance costs by performing timely services and testing the equipment that has been working for a certain amount of hours.

Fleet Service Scheduling

Fleet management services provide you with a complete analysis and forecasting of the costs of the fleet's units, services, and the maintenance required.


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