Professional Civil Construction Site Services Company

Taurus Projects, thanks to our team of competent and well-experienced workers, is able to manage a range of civil construction projects. Our heavy industrial, commercial, and infrastructure programs managed by our Civil Earthworks division have completed a range of projects from oil and gas sites and pipeline work to municipal water and sewer installations, making us a top-notch civil construction company in western Canada.

From project planning through project construction, startups, and completions. The civil earthworks division of Taurus is working to maintain very high safety and quality standards managed by our highly skilled project management team.

Our proper planning, scheduling, and quality management enable the timely completion of complicated environmental building projects.


What Is Included In Our Civil Earthworks Services?

Our services of civil earthworks meant for maintenance, design, and construction of environments such as roads, water reservoirs, oil and gas pipelines installation, tunnels, dams, and sewer systems include;

  • Commercial, residential, industrial, and municipal
  • Underground utilities and infrastructure
  • Water, sewer, and storm
  • Subdivisions
  • Deep and shallow utilities
  • Earthworks
  • Subgrade preperation
  • Geotextile and erosion control
  • Holding tanks
  • Storm water oil/grit seperators
  • Sediment control

Why Choose Us?

Civil construction site services involve a lot of planning, expertise, and knowledge to produce a functional and worthy structure. Heavy civil construction projects need top-quality workmanship and equipment to deliver the desired results. Our civil earthworks division stands out in the market because of:

  • Our top-notch and updated equipment.
  • The professional expertise of our civil engineers.
  • Our balanced on-ground, administrative, and management services.

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