Experience Exceptional Material Management Services Provided By Top-notch Construction Contractors In Edmonton

Taurus, Edmonton's renowned commercial construction company, recognizes the significance of proper material handling like no one else. From material wastage, theft, duplicate or improper handling, inferior storage, inadequate dispersion procedures, and inefficient sourcing, there are numerous ways poor material management can cause project owners to exceed their budgets and cause high adverse material variances.

By drawing on our profound material handling expertise, ultra-modern facilities, futuristic AI-aided material handling software, and vast experience in the realm of industrial and commercial construction, our team of professionals provides optimum material management services with zero material wastage.

So when waste minimization and cost-saving are your goals, look no further than Taurus Projects for your material management needs. We practice what we preach and reap the promised results.


Our Exemplary Warehouse Facilities Ensure Optimum Material Management

Our team of material management experts diligently executes, supervises, and governs the entire spectrum of material management services and processes. As general commercial contractors, we know the hassle and frustration of material storage and transportation. To facilitate brisk and effective shipment and transportation in all directions, our laydown and warehouse assets in the Alberta Heartland region are positioned strategically along a pivotal transportation corridor.

As a safety-conscious construction company, Taurus also acknowledges the security risks involved in the material management processes. For optimal guard, our facilities exhibit state-of-the-art technology that keeps the materials safe from deterioration and any kind of physical damage. Furthermore, in terms of keeping the inventory secure, our watchful team of experts and top-notch security measures cover every possible angle.

We Track With Jovix Software

Taurus accompanies its high-end material management services with top-notch digital solutions. Jovix is a material tracking software designed exclusively for the industrial and commercial construction industry, providing real-time, accurate data on material status and location. In turn, this results in informed and precise decision-making regarding the inventory at hand.

What To Expect From Our Supreme Material Management Services

Our professional team uses Jovix and other modern technology for the comprehensive procurement of construction supplies and different types of materials needed to manage a construction project fully.

Our sophistication and innovation-driven material management solutions set us apart from other commercial general contractors in Edmonton and Alberta. You can expect the following from us:

  • Material Handling
  • Truck unloading
  • Storage
  • Inventory control and retrieval
  • Thorough garbage removal and waste management
  • Shop and module yard material planning and coordination
  • Utilizes Jovix software for material planning
  • Competent with EPC and off-the-shelf systems like MatMan, JMMS, and other ERP systems
  • Heater and propane service management to ensure efficient construction
  • NECTAR system for the management of trailer inventories

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