Factors That Affect Commercial Construction Project Quality

It becomes quite challenging for some general contractors to maintain the required quality in commercial construction projects, especially when there’s a tight deadline dangling over their heads. However, with the right planning and scheduling techniques, you can vastly control your project’s quality from start to finish.

Here, we will discuss some of the most vital factors that affect a commercial construction project’s quality:

Not Meeting Material Quality Standards

When a construction management company fails to meet the required material quality standards, it results in significant construction issues and safety hazards. To avoid these problems, project owners and contractors must ensure ordering materials from trusted suppliers and that each shipment is checked thoroughly before use.

Subcontractor Mismanagement

It’s vital to keep all stakeholders informed and on the same page to maintain and enhance a project’s quality. If subcontractors fail to hire adequately skilled and trained workers, it can result in significant work quality issues that could halt the entire process.

Not Documenting Changes

Some quality problems do not arise due to ill-skilled labor or design changes; instead, they’re mainly due to a lack of documentation of these changes. If you’ve recently substituted a particular material with another and failed to update the final papers, it can lead to incorrect handling from the maintenance team.

Making Last-Minute Changes

When you’re still discussing the essential features at later stages of your project, it can often result in severe quality issues. Before making any last-minute alterations to your existing project, it’s best to set aside an ample amount of time by extending the deadlines and verify and test any changes to the current designs.

Team Miscommunication

Communication issues are one of the leading factors that negatively impact the quality of commercial construction projects. Continued miscommunication among different team members can lead to severe problems. These issues may include misapplication of new methods, mismatched materials, and inadequate secondary and tertiary testing for discovering current issues.

Design Complexities

Including unnecessary complexities to a commercial building design is also one of the major factors that can badly affect a finished product’s quality. While it’s not possible to prevent some level of complexity in some ultramodern construction projects, the design-build team should make efforts to minimize complicated techniques and unnecessary features wherever possible.

Simplified commercial building designs are increasingly affordable, offering construction management companies improved profit margins while producing high-quality work.

Lack Of Project Management Systems

An effective project management system can help project managers determine the ideal intervals for examining the already completed work for possible errors and omissions. Without proper plans and checks on quality control and assurance, many commercial contractors have to wait to conduct essential checks to assess the quality of work.

To avoid this issue, it’s best to invest in a project management system based on mobile applications. This is a flexible and fast way of bringing current projects under control for increased work quality.

Ignoring Audits And Testings

Some construction management firms rely on 3rd party auditing and testing plans, ignoring these test results, and continuing their operations with existing quality issues or flawed designs. This problem usually arises due to a lack of designation for quality control. That is why it’s necessary to be sure who’s responsible for reading the audits and tests to make suitable recommendations for repairs or rework for contractors.

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