How Commercial And Industrial Construction Sites Differ

Commercial and industrial construction sites are different from each other in several ways. From the construction workers point of view and also from the contractors perspective, the handling of both of these sites is a different job. A construction site mainly depends on what type of construction project we are talking about. The type of construction project determines what the construction site looks like and what will be required to manage it properly.

Site planning differs

An industrial project serves a different purpose than a commercial office or a retail store. Due to this difference, the requirements and prerequisites for selecting and planning the site for an industrial project are different. There must be proximity to national highways, and the airport must also be close to the site, ideally speaking. It’ll enable the materials and supplies to reach the construction site quickly. Whereas, the contractor of a commercial project must select the site considering aspects like a straightforward approach for the residents of the society, and an appropriate parking space for a commercial building, office, or campus.

Design of the building

The building of an industrial project is based on the manufacturing of goods and products. The buildings design must incorporate the aspects that are useful and helpful for manufacturing, heavy workloads, and the extensive work environment therefore is there to help. The design of an industrial building is more about the functionality and performance of the industrial plant.

On the contrary, a commercial building must incorporate a design aesthetically appealing to the customers and visitors who enter the building for shopping and doing business with the company or a retail store. The physical footprint must be kept in mind while designing a commercial building as it has to be attractive and appealing to the customers.

The supporting elements

An industrial project will need supporting elements such as electric, plumbing, and HVAC systems that must handle heavy equipment and heavy loads. Industrial plants use machinery that is heavier and needs more energy to operate properly.

On the other hand, a commercial building also needs such elements, but its load capacity differs largely. The main difference in the load is the amount of electric, plumbing, and HVAC systems required in a commercial building. Unlike in an industrial setting, a commercial buildings system requires a lesser load to meet the buildings requirements.

Managing the project differs

An industrial project requires the on-site assembly of equipment and machinery that the industry needs to carry on manufacturing products and goods. For that purpose, a different scale of vendors and suppliers come into play. Finding and managing the vendors and suppliers is a challenging task because they are doing large scale installations and assembly work.

On the other side of the coin, a commercial building or a project requires expert vendors and specialized suppliers to provide them with the materials they need to carry out the project smoothly.

Final permits to open

When an industrial project is ready to open, it has to go through a more rigorous process of getting permits and NOCs to start the operations such as manufacturing and packaging. The details of the process are somewhat different when it comes to an industrial project.

A commercial site will have different criteria to meet before the authorities allow it to commence its business.

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