How The Construction Industry Can Benefit From Fleet Management

Fleet management can significantly impact construction companies’ productivity and the overall cost of their projects. Fleet management services involve managing large industrial and commercial equipment and highway vehicles without which the industry could not operate. These services can include washing, fueling, and maintaining all construction site equipment and vehicles.

Heavy and large construction equipment and vehicles are the construction industry’s biggest assets. They need to be well-maintained and well-managed to bring economic benefits to the industry. A fleet management system’s primary goal is to increase the efficiency and productivity at a construction site and improve its safety conditions for the operator, workers, and passersby. This is achieved using a combination of maintenance services and vehicle management.

Below are the details of the benefits that fleet management can bring to construction companies.

Fleet Monitoring

The construction industry is unique because the vehicles and equipment used in the industry are heavy-duty and, therefore, way more expensive than any other light-duty van or truck utilized in other business sectors. Because of their high value, these equipment and vehicles make an easy and attractive target for thieves and vandals. Canada loses approximately $50 million annually to equipment theft from construction sites.

Because of this reason, fleet monitoring becomes essential for construction companies. It can help managers keep tabs on all their equipment after hours and keep them healthy and available at the job site. Fleet monitoring is achieved by tracking tools, fleet software, and experienced management.

Fleet Maintenance

Fleet maintenance and vehicle servicing are the most crucial components of the construction industry. If fleet maintenance is not done efficiently, it can significantly impact the company’s finances.

Most vehicles and construction equipment in this sector are highly specialized and require high maintenance and expensive repairs and modifications. Because these vehicles travel less mileage than ordinary vehicles, they have a longer life cycle, making their proactive maintenance service critical and different from routine vehicle servicing.

Preventive Maintenance Plan

Thankfully, professional fleet management companies like Taurus Projects utilize every little detail to develop a preventative maintenance schedule. Our specially designed system will help you manage your fleet and its maintenance costs.

Before creating a preventative maintenance plan, we consider details such as the kilometers traveled, engine hours, and fuel usage. We also consider vehicle downtime caused by jumpstarts, emergency repair, tow assistance, and breakdowns to plan and devise an effective maintenance strategy. This also allows us to identify potential issues that may need to be addressed in the maintenance schedule.

Return On Investment

Efficient fleet management can help construction companies improve their return on investment. By making an initial investment into fleet management, companies can have a maintenance plan in place that can help them save a significant amount of money and time on vehicle and equipment servicing.

Fleet management companies can help construction businesses improve their ROI in the following ways:

  • They reduce the downtime of the construction fleet by keeping them well-maintained and serviced.
  • They help improve the overall lifecycle of the vehicle, decreasing their repair and replacement costs.
  • If any component fails, they inform the mechanic at the right time before the problem becomes difficult and costly to repair.
  • They ensure regular servicing and repairs so that the managers can foresee and accommodate downtime.

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