Driving records by Seamless Search are a vital component of any hiring process for positions where a driver is an integral part of the job. These include delivery drivers, public transit drivers, contract drivers, trucking or freight drivers, and some positions in construction that involve a high volume of driving.

Employers may order an MVR check to find out if a candidate has a valid driver’s license, and to determine whether they have a safe driving record. The lookback period on these checks varies by state, but in most cases the information can go back three to seven years.

Do I Need to Fill Out the Driving Record Release Form?

Before you can get driving records from an employee, you will need to complete an employment driving record release form. This form is available from the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) website for each state where your employees have a license. It is important to follow the correct format to ensure the proper information is included and the records are sent correctly.

Can I Ask About the Driving Record in an Interview?

If a candidate is applying for a position that doesn’t require them to drive, you can’t ask about their driving record in an interview. But if your company does require employees to drive to job sites, then it’s essential that you check an applicant’s driving record before handing them the keys to their new car.

Can I Use a Third-Party Background Check to Order Driving Records?

Using a third-party background check provider is the most reliable way to order driver’s reports. These companies are experts in the process and can save you time by ordering driving records as part of your overall pre-employment screening.

How Far Back Does a Driving Report Go?

A driving record check reveals information on an individual’s past driving history. This includes criminal convictions and other records that may not show up on a standard background check. In some states, a motor vehicle record will also reveal convictions for things like DUI or reckless driving.

Bottom Line

The driving record check is covered by the Fair Credit Reporting Act, and each state has its own laws governing how long driving information can be reported. Some states have lookback periods of up to 10 years, and in some cases, an employer will need to order an MVR check from multiple states.

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