The effective management of materials is critical to the success of any commercial construction project. Material management entails the planning, procurement, transportation, storage, and distribution of materials required for construction activities. It ensures that the appropriate materials are reasonably available, in the correct quantity, and in the proper condition.

This blog will examine how opting for material management services from professional construction contractors can streamline project budgets and timelines. Commercial construction projects are frequently constrained by time and budget, and practical material management can help keep these constraints in check.

Increased Worker Productivity

Labour costs are a popular target for cost-cutting measures in the construction industry. The most common way to save money is to reduce labour hours as much as possible. However, worker productivity is frequently overlooked as a cost-cutting measure. Using material management services can increase worker productivity significantly.

A construction crew must have the right supplies at the right time to achieve their goals. The more time workers spend waiting for materials to show up at their job site or trying to find them, the less work they can get done, and the likelihood that projects will be delayed or they will have to pay overtime costs rises.

Minimizes Material Repetition

Material handling is another source of decreased labour productivity and associated costs, accounting for up to 40% of a team’s time on a job site. Tools for effective communication, planning, and tracking are included in a suitable material management system. With these, sites are prepared for materials that can be deposited and stored in the ideal location.

This management level ensures that workers save time moving materials and equipment when needed, this is made possible if the appropriate digital interventions streamline the process.

Deliveries of materials should ideally be planned so that the appropriate personnel can accept and inspect them, using a bar-code scanner to feed them into the digital platform. By avoiding unnecessary duplicate handling, better results can be obtained while saving time.

Reduced Material Wastage

Material management ensures that the suitable materials are acquired in the first place, at the right time, and in the right type and quantity. The wrong building supplies can cause various issues, from minor delays to safety risks.

If defective materials cause project deadlines to be missed or don’t meet project requirements or codes, they may even result in contract penalties. Similarly, a lack of necessary materials will increase costs and cause construction delays as workers look for or await more to be delivered.

The total cost rises due to ordering additional supplies in smaller quantities, which typically cost more per unit than bulk materials. Excess product, on the other hand, results in material waste. Due to the money spent on unnecessary materials and the related storage and disposal costs, this is expensive for projects.

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Improved Budget Accuracy And Forecasting

Materials and labour add to significant construction project costs even when things are going well. However, these costs can skyrocket when issues arise due to reduced productivity and project delays.

A comprehensive material management strategy that includes real-time data visibility and accurate reporting aids in preventing these issues. This ultimately leads to more accurate budgets and forecasts.

Having a more precise understanding of the existing inventory and future needs will result in more accurate budget forecasts when changes or updates are required, increasing executive management’s confidence in the project goals that must be met.

Meeting Project Milestones And Deadlines

The workforce can finish their work on time if they have access to what they need on time. This will keep the entire project on schedule, ensuring that deadlines and milestones are met and, most importantly, prevent financial penalties for failing to accomplish these goals.

Real-time visibility of what’s happening across the various sites for which accurate and timely reporting is critical to your company meeting milestones and deadlines. This is only possible if the team leaders and managers, on-site and in the head office, have the right team for material management.

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