Importance of Electrical and Mechanical Services on Construction Sites

For any construction site project to begin, a range of pre-requisite facilities is required to execute construction protocols and procedures smoothly. These include temporary electrical and mechanical services. A construction manager must ensure their provision through proper planning well before commencing the actual project. This will allow for the successful completion of the project without any delays.

Let’s discuss these temporary services below and why they are essential on construction sites.

Temporary Electrical Services

A good, uninterrupted supply of electricity is essential to allow for the trouble-free running of construction equipment and heavy machinery. This requires a well-distributed power supply across the construction site, with safe accessibility. Temporary electrical services provided by general contractors are also essential to ensure that all electricity requirements on the construction site are met.

Furthermore, it is equally essential to ensure that the temporary electrical installations follow safety standards, are certified for use, and fulfill usage. On a construction site, you can use electricity in several equipment and operations, including:

Telecommunication And Information Systems

These include mobile equipment and machinery, which is being remotely operated through computer systems or other wireless services with a central power station. These systems require an interrupted electricity supply for efficient functionality. Hence, temporary electrical services need to be carefully installed so that no electricity blackouts occur that may hinder the construction site’s workflow.

Exterior and Interior Lighting

Temporary electric services should be capable enough to provide and withstand the load generated from electricity usage on the construction site. Besides information systems, electric supply is essential for regulatory machines like air conditioning or heating facilities in storage containers. For lighting within site offices, on workstations, and welfare units. Also, for operating hoists and to support 10kva transformers.

Temporary Mechanical Services

Mechanical services also play an integral role in the smooth operation of activities on a construction site. Mechanical services include plumbing, hoists, mechanical ventilation facilities like space heating and air conditioning. We have discussed these services in detail below:


For the welfare of all construction sites, they must be equipped with basic yet essential facilities like running water and consequently waste disposal. This provides human necessities and is important that it complies with the work sites’ health and safety standards. Hence, temporary but efficient plumbing services are a must for a construction site.

These facilities need to be present from the beginning of the project till its completion. They constitute services like toilets, washing spaces, accessibility to clean and safe drinking water, water heaters, bib-taps, standpipes, and silo connections.


Different types of hoists are needed and employed on construction sites to lift and carry objects or passengers from lower levels to higher ones. Simple passenger lifts are used to carry many people. Other heavy-duty hoists include gantry and scaffold hoists, designed to lift and lower materials onto different levels.

Air Conditioning And Heating systems

Air conditioning and heating facilities on a construction site are utilized in storage or office containers or welfare units. They are used in places where the temperature needs to be regulated according to the construction site’s requirements.

Moreover, workers also require heating and conditioning facilities to work efficiently. This is because most construction workers are already working in extreme environments. On a scorching day, employers must provide their workers with air-conditioned and cool rooms and buildings to relax and take some time off from work.

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