Construction has long been known as a mismanaged and wasteful business. But thanks to technological improvements, various organizations and projects are being optimized. Numerous industries are looking for new ways to boost productivity. However, the available solutions are typically so expensive that most contractors are unable to afford them. Nonetheless, there is one method that can increase productivity; material management.

The average construction worker spends several minutes looking for misplaced components, tools, and equipment. That time adds up rapidly, totalling thousands of lost and idle hours per year for a workplace.

Lost time can result in increased costs and delayed progress, affecting the success of the project. The key to keeping everyone (and everything) functioning like the well-oiled machine you rely on is to manage on-site resources effectively and efficiently.

Our recommendation is to hire accredited construction contractors for the best possible material management for your construction. Here are five material management recommendations from us to help you streamline and simplify your job site processes:

Eliminate Material Duplicate Handling

Increasing efficiency implies shortening the time and number of steps required to transport commodities from point A to point B:

Rely on delivery personnel to transfer items to the appropriate area on your property. This saves your team time relocating supplies after they’ve been placed, keeping your costs under control and the project on schedule. Avoid transferring objects more than once. The goal should be to get materials as close to the installation site or centralized, well-organized storage space as possible.

Make sure your deliveries are coordinated so that the appropriate staff are ready to help unload goods or provide direction on where materials should go. Outline a delivery plan that contractors and subcontractors can follow. But keep it flexible enough to handle exceptional activities and shipments with difficult delivery times (like orders being transported via long-distance trucking).

This is why professionals should be hired to supervise your material management, as they are fully trained in doing an efficient job.

Reduce The Distance To Obtain Materials

Every minute counts in the workplace, which is why having materials nearby is essential.

To limit the amount of time your personnel must spend obtaining and replacing tools and equipment, supplies should preferably be kept as close to the installation location as possible. Consider storing smaller things in designated, well-organized containers and replacing them as needed from on- or off-site inventories.

Use The Proper Storage Options

Your storage arrangements should always be carefully constructed to account for the physical constraints and inventory timetables (what’s coming in and when, what will be used, and when, etc.) unique to your job site.

Here are a few things to bear in mind:

Take into account the weather: Some supplies can be stored outside (on pallets to protect them from ground moisture and covered by a roof or tarp), whilst others (such as power tools) must be kept indoors at all times when not in use.

Sort supplies as soon as they arrive, prioritizing them in the order you’ll need them to ensure easy access.

Before garbage is collected from the jobsite, make sure you have enough space to segregate it by kind (metal, wood, drywall, etc.). Having the right storage solutions and reliable material management professional can make it easier to handle materials during the course of your project.

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Examine Your Costs And Productivity Levels

You need to know what problems and conditions you’re up against in order to analyze and adjust your strategies. Implementing a tracking system will allow you to keep track of the movement of materials and personnel on your job site in order to identify the following:

  • Flaws related to the planning process
  • Working situations that may be hazardous
  • Inadequate supplies of required tools, components, and equipment
  • All of these elements might have an impact on the efficiency of your teams as well as the prices (both material and labour)

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