4 Roles And Responsibilities Of A Fleet Manager In Construction

Companies both inside and outside of the construction industry use vehicle fleets and workforces. Construction companies specifically use fleets for various purposes. However, overuse and misuse of fleets are often overlooked and can have a debilitating impact on the budget and finances of the construction project or the company overall.

To save themselves from this inconvenience, companies utilize professional fleet management services. This blog explains the roles and responsibilities of a fleet manager in a construction project.

What Is Fleet Management?

Construction fleet management is an effective way of managing professional construction vehicles to ensure maximum efficiency and timely maintenance. Fleet managers regulate the use of vehicles like loaders, excavators, forklifts, dump trucks, pick-up trucks, bulldozers, and pavers.

A fleet manager is expected to hire appropriate vehicles for specific tasks, register and license them, and keep them up to date with proper maintenance. They are required to make sure that the vehicles are in good working condition and being used efficiently and effectively.

The following soft skills are a must-have for professional fleet managers:

  • Great communication skills
  • Good leadership and analytical skills
  • Ability to multitask and prioritize
  • Proactivity
  • Efficiency and constant delivery
  • Time management

Roles And Responsibilities Of Fleet Managers

Below are some of the most important roles and responsibilities fleet managers have in a construction project.

Vehicle Acquisitions

A construction fleet manager is required to make a well-researched decision about the type of vehicle to acquire at a particular time, based on demand and needs. In the case of large and bulky vehicles, fleet managers open bids, meet with sellers, negotiate and collate on prices and find the best option. Sometimes, fleet managers also need to decide between buying or leasing construction vehicles for better financial efficiency.

Construction fleet managers should base their decisions in the best interest of their company’s needs and demands because fleet finances depend solely on their choices.

Selling And Disposal Of Used Vehicles

Construction vehicles eventually reach their usage limit and need to be replaced by newer and more efficient vehicles. It is the responsibility of the fleet managers to make sure that the older and used vehicles are auctioned at the best possible price.

A fleet manager is expected to monitor and manage the transactions and negotiations, to minimize loss for the company and get a worthy amount for the vehicle.

Analysis Of Fleet Performance And Expense Reports

For a fleet manager, performance reports are crucial to keep abreast of the fleet’s condition. It assists them in identifying any pitfalls or any downward spirals in finances or fleet performance. For example, fuel costs amount to about 30% of the fleets’ costs, so it is better to keep a daily check on the excesses that can pile up into great losses in the long run.

Managers can minimize their problems by trusting their fleet management to professional and credible fleet management companies like Taurus projects.

Hiring And Managing Qualified Drivers

Another important responsibility of a fleet manager is to hire qualified and motivated drivers into the company’s fleet. The manager trains them and ensures quality and timely service with the correct utilization of the required vehicles. Fleet managers also devise efficient duty schedules to achieve maximum efficiency for the drivers, for even better profit.

The fleet manager must have a clear, logical, and well-thought fleet strategy and policy. The policy must aim to fulfill the needs of the fleet and company. A well-communicated policy brings coordination to the fleet, every related member is well informed about the dos and don’ts of the company, when and how to handle the vehicles, and are aware of their responsibilities as a team as well as individuals.

Many times the fleet manager will have to ensure that the drivers are sticking to the assigned tasks and are complying with the stated policy, along with fulfilling their maximum working hour limits.

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