Every construction project has a set of crucial processes or phases that must be completed in order for it to be successful, and skipping any of them could cause problems later on. Pre-construction is a concept that encompasses a variety of various elements, one of them is construction design.

Planning is the foundation of all successful projects, whether it’s construction, marketing, or even the start-up of a new company. For commercial or residential building construction, the design phase is crucial because you want to make sure that every choice maximizes your investment. Giving the design phase additional attention at the start of a project will help you resolve any issues you may encounter later.

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Clear Coordination

A contractor should have a level of experience that the client feels comfortable with, including the design component of this equation. Although the contractor has experience in the design field, the client is the one with the vision. So collaboration increases the likelihood of success.

The client feels the risk of being let down if they just give this responsibility to the contractor, but on the other end of the spectrum, not comprehending the costs involved could lead to financial disaster. A project’s completion can be ensured through a collaborative process that combines the clients’ ideas with the contractor’s experience and expertise.


Planning is the first step in any successful project. The first step in the design process is a meeting with the pivotal decision-makers and creative professionals on the general contractor team to go through the project’s vision, logistics, and outcomes.

A final deliverable should be the outcome of a collaborative process that explores choices and directions. The team will go over the project’s architectural, physical, and financial needs as well as the code requirements.

Eliminating Potential Issues

Given that there will be inevitable changes during the construction process, flexibility in design and construction is a benefit. Dealing with this issue in advance creates a much more amicable situation because it may become a much more expensive task to attempt and change direction once the groundwork has started and things are in motion.

The initial construction design is often just a starting point for discovering potential problems. Before any work is started, it’s possible that the chance of a business expanding may necessitate a larger footprint than initially estimated or that the HVAC or other technical requirements will need to be adjusted.

Checking All The Boxes

The design phase also helps contractors to check all boxes before moving with the help of Mango onto the groundwork. The frustration of unexpectedly shifting gears or coming to a halt can be avoided by being aware of exactly what legal issues or site-specific concerns need to be addressed. This is a time-waster and may result in expensive restorations if something goes wrong.

Your commercial general contractors should also take care of permitting, another crucial stage, on your behalf. It’s crucial to make sure the necessary permits are secured, not only to preserve property value and assure code compliance but also to ultimately save you money. Once the last thing has been taken care of, having this experience beforehand can ensure that there are no unpleasant surprises.


Budgeting and financial models play a significant role in the pre-construction and design phases. During the pre-construction stage, conceptual expenditures are frequently developed, and as a design is improved, accurate cost estimates are updated.

Any subcontractors and suppliers should deliver construction cost estimates, logistics details, and schedules.

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