Simple Ways To Reduce Your Fleet Expenses

Managing and operating an efficient fleet of vehicles, assets, and staff is not an easy task. Fleet managers are responsible for several tasks all at one time. Their work spans from purchasing to maintaining equipment and vehicles, from OHS to compliance. Moreover, they are also responsible for controlling fleet expenses – reducing the costs wherever possible.

However, juggling and keeping up with daily tasks can leave you with no time to ponder upon the areas where you could be more cost-effective. It may be difficult but not impossible to reduce and cut your fleet expenses. Managing and optimizing the use of materials, fleet, time, and other resources help you cut cost-waste – usually saving on hidden business costs.

This blog highlights some of the ways you can save on your fleet expenses.

Understand How Your Assets Are Being Used

Get a hand on your asset utilization data and see in real-time where exactly your assets are being used. When you know about the real-time presence of your assets, you can confidently adjust your fleet’s makeup according to the better demands of the business. The changed decision can involve evaluating your underperforming assets or even buying new ones to optimize the efficiency of the job done.

Reduce Staff Churn

Staff is undoubtedly the most important part of the business. Hiring the wrong person or losing one is a costly mistake. Maintaining staff records and managing their data manually can be a tedious and time-consuming task. It is better to utilize fleet management software to automate administrative tasks. Reassure your employees that their workplace and any materials or equipment they work with are safe.

Establish a proactive maintenance program and set service reminders for the fleet under regular use.

Reduce Asset Downtime

Becoming stuck on the job due to the absence of a required asset or improper equipment can majorly affect your business. Having an established fleet management program that is informed by data – like engine hours and tire and service reviews – can help you avoid sudden breakdowns and unwanted downtime.

Setting service and maintenance schedules can help you increase the lifespan of your assets. As no missed maintenance or service activity translates into better performance and a healthy fleet.

Optimize Your Route And Job Scheduling

Project delays and downtimes are costly. You can avoid missed deadlines and unwanted downtimes by making sure that the right assets and fleet vehicles are present at the right place at the right time. This little effort in managing and scheduling jobs can help you keep your projects on schedule and within the assigned budget.

GPS tracking provides you information about the current location of your fleet and helps you better schedule your jobs and utilize your fleet efficiently. The use of technology provides real-time fleet visibility making it easy to inform others about task allocation and route planning. All this careful planning reduces unnecessary travel time, minimizes idling, and ensures that your drivers spend more time on the job instead of being en route.

Improve Your Billing Accuracy

The times of timesheet discrepancies are long gone. GPS data shows exactly where your assets or vehicles are and what your drivers are doing during work hours. They remove human error and digitalize your time recording system. This eradicates any chance of rounding up the worked time, making sure you pay for only the time your employees actually worked. You can use geofencing and alerts to signal you and allow you to monitor any unauthorized assets use and bill the clients accordingly. The information system will also help you back your billing claims with authentic data to avoid any conflicts.

Enhance Driver Education

Try to foster safe driving practices that focus on the safety of the staff, public, and your assets and ultimately increase the productivity of your business. Two of the driving practices that significantly impact your bottom line are safety and efficiency.

Safe drivers meet with fewer accidents and mean less insurance payouts, less time off work due to repairs, decreased asset downtime, and liability. Efficient drivers handle vehicles in a better way reducing asset wear and tear and less fuel consumption.

Managing and coaching positive driving practices not only help in decreasing fleet cost but also ensure the safety of your staff and assets.

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