Taurus' Fleet Management Solutions For Your Construction Sites

When it comes to trusting an employee under contract, with your vehicle and technical equipment, to perform on a construction site, it sure can be a risky business. The temporary employee may exploit your resources and not perform up to your standards, potentially deteriorating your relationship with the client. Furthermore, your large industrial equipment may suffer a great deal, due to improper use and excessive fuel consumption.

Construction companies cannot function without contract employees, but they can avoid significant losses with proper fleet management, due to equipment damage. Hence, increasing productivity and revenue generated from their projects. Fleet management involves maintaining sizable commercial equipment and highway vehicles, which form an asset for the construction industry.

It is essential to keep them working efficiently to yield maximum output. Here is how you can utilize fleet management services on construction sites to maintain your equipment’s efficiency; hence, labor productivity, while making it safe for use by the operator, workers, and passers-by.

Keep Track Of Your Vehicles

Geolocation is a fantastic technology that can be employed to keep track of your commercial vehicles remotely. Through this technology, you can locate your car’s position, and any unauthorized use or travel can be perceived for inquiry. This can also allow you to monitor your contracted employee’s working hours.

Furthermore, through the device, you can also define areas as authorized (Geofencing), which can help you receive notifications regarding unauthorized use. If damage may occur or your vehicle requires maintenance services. Through this geolocation device, fleet management services will quickly locate your car and assist you.

Limit Unnecessary Use Of Your Vehicle’s Engine

Yes, Fleet management also includes monitoring industrial equipment for its maximum efficiency. Any unnecessary use or fuel consumption leads to an automatic shutdown of the machine after a predetermined time: this way, your engine’s life increases while cutting down on excessive fuel and energy consumption.

Auxiliary Restart

In accordance with battery levels, auxiliaries can be employed in vehicle batteries to allow the vehicles to restart when the battery gets critically low. This can avoid unpleasant circumstances by saving up on gas. Based on surrounding temperatures, the auxiliary restart option can allow the engine to restart automatically when the surrounding temperature drops below a certain level.

This can help your engine avoid any unnecessary damage that can potentially lead to costly repair or replacement.

Manage the Speed Of Your Commercial Vehicle

Fleet management can allow you to monitor and maintain the authorized speed limits of your vehicle. By configuring a speed alert, you can limit the speed of your car. Misuse or over speeding will be notified to you as well as the driver or operator. This way, you will be able to enquire about any speeding events while ensuring the prevalence of safety and preventing unnecessary fuel consumption.

Keep Your Vehicles Safe

Industrial equipment on a construction site is, no doubt, rare and expensive machinery. It is important to keep it secure when not in use. For this purpose, fleet management can provide for your expensive machinery, ‘Antitheft triggers”. These web-based triggers will automatically notify you if a wrong code sequence is added to start the engine, informing you regarding potential theft. Furthermore, the vehicle or equipment will not start.

Taurus Project is an industrial and commercial site services provider. With expertise in fleet management services. We have professionals who can inspect, maintain, repair, and manage your high-end commercial equipment. We are experts in providing you quality fleet management services on construction sites.

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