4 Tips To Plan Construction Projects Around Severe Weather

It takes years to execute a construction project, and takes even longer to plan. Thus no one ever wants anything to go wrong during the execution of their construction project. So just like everyone else, you want everything to go as planned. Because if one aspect goes wrong, it will disrupt the whole project and cause unnecessary delays in the timely completion of the project.

For this reason, construction contractors often invest ample time and money in ensuring that nothing comes in the way of their project’s punctual fulfilment. They spend generously on regular machinery maintenance sessions to minimise downtimes and also keep an eye on their workforce to boost productivity.

However, there are a few things that no one has control over, and one of such things is an area’s weather. Weather conditions are one thing that no one can absolutely guarantee, as anything can happen at any moment.

As a result, unexpected weather changes emerge as the primary reason for delays in construction projects in the industry. In times like these, it is often seen that the construction team is not adequately prepared to handle such circumstances, which leads to confusion and further delays.

Hence, the importance of incorporating weather conditions into your construction schedules can not be emphasised enough. Accordingly, you should also be sufficiently prepared and equipped to tackle climatic conditions during construction projects.

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The best way to do so is by hiring a certified and reputed construction contractor. The latter often exercises due vigilance in this regard and meticulously plans the construction project with such prudence so that it is not affected by adverse weather conditions.

Thus, this blog post will discuss some tips that will help you complete your construction project on time without being affected by severe weather conditions.

Keep A Close Eye On The Weather Forecast

The weather forecast tool will help you plan out your construction project smoothly. So you should always use long-range weather forecast tools to get an idea of the weather conditions for the period in which you plan to execute the construction activities.

Once you have a clear idea of the likely weather conditions in the said period, you will be able to complete the construction tasks accordingly. For example, if you know, there is light rain forecasted, then on that day, you can plan indoor construction tasks and leave the outdoor tasks for when the outside weather clears up.

Also, these severe weather alerts will help you promptly secure your construction site before the weather gets bad. As a result, you will have enough time to safely conceal your heavy equipment and avoid any accidents due to extreme weather conditions.

So it is imperative to keep the weather forecast in mind while making your construction plan.

Always Be Prepared

Weather can change in a split second, so you should always be prepared to handle harsh weather conditions. Therefore, you should always have emergency supplies readily available on your construction site that will help your workers to deal with severe weather.

Emergency supplies like first aid kits, water bottles, food and flashlights should always be available on your construction site.

Create A Jobsite Checklist For Severe Weather

Also, you should make a job site checklist to tackle severe weather that should be given to each employee. So that in case of an emergency, everyone will know what role they need to play and what their responsibilities are.

Moreover, when you have an inclement weather tasks checklist handy, it will help the workers to smoothly execute the procedures and protocols that need to be followed during such circumstances.

Here are some tasks that should be on your severe weather emergency checklist:

  • Secure and protect heavy machinery and equipment to prevent damage and costly repairs.
  • Disconnect water connections, gas connections and power generators to avoid accidents.
  • Secure the scaffolding with a building to protect it from collapsing and make sure that everyone is away from the scaffolding.
  • Make sure to cover all the blocked drains and excavated holes to prevent flooding.
  • To prevent water penetration and glass breakage, make sure to cover your open doorways and windows with plywood.
  • Secure the lightweight materials and temporary structures as they can topple over due to strong winds.

Understand The Area’s Weather History

It is crucial that you are fully aware of the area’s weather history in which you are planning to start your construction project. When you know the weather history of the area, you are able to plan your construction project according to the weather conditions.

Knowing the past weather conditions will help you clarify what type of weather is typical in that area.

Final Word

Construction projects take years to complete, and it takes even more time to plan a construction project. There are a lot of factors that should be kept in mind while planning a construction project. Therefore, you should request professional and site preparation services for this complex job.

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