7 Tips To Prevent Erosion On Construction Projects

Erosion is one of the most crucial factors that engineers have to consider for most construction projects. Multiple factors can cause erosion and every problem calls for a specific solution based on the site and severity of the problem.

Controlling erosion is important not only to prevent the constructed infrastructure and ensure a safe work environment but also to minimize the impact of the construction project on the environment of the area.

Erosion control can add to a project’s budget significantly, contractors are adding innovative products and actions to minimize the financial and environmental impact of erosion. Some products used for erosion control are:

  • Articulated concrete blocks
  • MSE walls
  • Turbidity barriers
  • Geotextiles
  • French tiles
  • Soil nails
  • Riprap
  • Dust control methods

Tips For Preventing Erosion

Erosion can be caused by various reasons and every reason needs specific solutions. However, there are some generalized tips you can follow to prevent all types of erosion. Some of them are explained in the blog below.

Observe The Site

Along with other important factors to consider before starting your construction project, it is imperative to observe the slope of the site for any potential erosion problems. Also, inspect any surrounding sites and mutual impacts that the site can have on your project. It is best to inspect the site in a wet or rainy environment to plan for the worst possible scenario.

Divert The Water

Water and wind are the main culprits when it comes to erosion. Before starting your construction project make sure to devise a plan to divert the flow of water on your site. Controlling the runoff effectively will reduce problems of erosion and sedimentation on your construction site significantly.

Don’t Disturb

Try to disturb the area as little as possible. To avoid the risk of remediation try to excavate little portions at a time. Even though this activity will take a little more time, the potential costs of erosion will take a significant toll on your project’s budget, costing you more in the long run.

Ground Covers

As soon as the excavation is done, it is essential to create ground cover to minimize the chances of erosion. The faster you can get your ground cover growing, the less chances of erosion. Work with a landscaper to know about any specified form. If seeding is not a viable option then plastic sheeting is helpful in shielding the soil from rain and wind. Although, plastic sheets can provide good ground cover know that they are extremely damaging for the environment.

Sediment Control

Sediment is the soil that is displaced by water flow. Once the sediment is in flow it becomes difficult to prevent and further exasperate erosion. Straw wattles, filter socks, and silt fencing are commonly used to control and catch sediment. However, these controls are not designed to catch and deal with high water pressure, so do not install them across waterways, ditches, or other areas of concentrated water flow.

Inflatable Dams

More and more contractors are turning to inflatable water dams for erosion control and dewatering needs. They are cost-effective and cheaper than the traditional methods of earthen dams and sandbags. They are easy to install for both moving and still water and conform easily to the boundary of any site, providing a reliable seal that prevents the flow of water to your worksite.

Mobile Grinders And Chippers

If you are removing some trees from a construction site, bring a mobile chipper or grinder to make mulch. These ground-up materials work wonders in controlling erosion. The grinders and chippers can also be used for temporary road and ground covers. You can use this mulch to stabilize the soil of your construction site and save it from landscaping.

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