Ways To Avoid Construction Work Schedule Delays

When it comes to the construction industry, many factors involve delivering various project tasks on schedule, including poor planning, lack of open communication, weather conditions, unexpected changes, like extra labor wages, additional materials and storage costs, sudden cash flow issues, some legal disputes, and more.

Failing to complete construction projects on time is one of the most common causes of overspending on them. That’s why general contractors must stay on a set work schedule to keep within the agreed schedule. The following are some sure ways in which you can significantly overcome common construction work schedule delays:

Effective Planning

Nothing is more significant than having a comprehensive plan to maintain your construction project and keep it on schedule. It’s also vital to have a flexible schedule, which you can easily update as your project progresses, enabling you to assess possible changes and solve issues before they turn into costly delays.

Some construction contractors begin their commercial and industrial projects of different sizes without having an exact work schedule, contact with essential technical subcontractors, or finalized drawings. To overcome these potential problems, you must have a detailed project plan that has all the crucial details about your project while explaining variables during the execution phase that could cause unreasonable delays.

An effective construction schedule plan should also include enough room for contingencies crucial for unexpected events, providing clear instructions on how your team should respond to possible delays.

Clear Roles And Responsibilities

A typical commercial construction project usually involves many stakeholders, including contractors, managers, subcontractors, employees, and other personnel who are directly related to the project. Failing to outline each party’s roles and responsibilities in a particular project can result in ignoring or missing critical tasks, ultimately causing significant project delays.

After assigning specific duties to concerned personnel, you must also hold them accountable for their ongoing performance onsite. Holding everyone accountable for their tasks is a critical component of an effective project plan and work schedule. The key is to focus on what needs to be done and who is responsible for completing the work, and at what time.

Do not forget to communicate work expectations to everyone beforehand to ensure maximum productivity and adherence to your work schedule or project plan. Finally, always keep the feedback channel open for everyone – when you give your team members much-needed input on your project, it will increase productivity as your workers will buy into your project right from the start.

Open Communication

Day to day work problems, if left unresolved, can eventually turn into crucial work delays due to poor communication between concerned departments. If an unforeseen challenge is onsite, a general contractor must contact the project manager right away for timely consultation. Assessing and communicating critical project issues to concerned stakeholders is vital to get everyone involved in the project and to find a quick solution.

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