Why Should You Choose Taurus Projects For Your Industrial And Commercial Site Services

Your commercial and industrial projects hold significant financial importance and are a once-in-a-lifetime investment. Construction projects don’t only encompass building residential and industrial structures. They also include renovation projects, building small structures, adding new features to already constructed structures and more.

Taurus Projects is one of the largest construction companies in Western Canada that has completed innumerable construction projects. Since our inception, we have remained dedicated to providing our customers with professional industrial and commercial construction and other on-site services, materials, and fleet management. Here’s why you should choose Taurus Projects for your next construction project.

We Have An Experienced Team

We have been in this business for over 15 years, and our higher management has a strong background in the construction industry. From president to project managers and laborers, we have a team of experienced individuals who know how to handle any construction task.

Our expertise makes us capable of managing different tasks including on-site and off-site tasks, supervising every step of the project, and ensuring the completion of the project within the specified budget. In addition, our team has strong communication skills that bridge the gaps between teams and increase coordination.

We Are Responsible

We care for our workers and customers alike, and that’s why we ensure that everyone in our team adheres to our companies’ policies and safety regulations. In addition, we follow standard safety rules and procedures for employees and the general public.

Our managers and supervisors are responsible for communicating safety rules, investigating hazardous situations, identifying safety needs, providing PPE, and ensuring that all equipment meets safety standards. This sense of responsibility has helped us excel and develop a certain reputation in the construction market.

We Provide Quality Services

Taurus Projects is committed to providing quality services. We are COR certified and we adhere to ISNet, CanQual, and Avetta standards. Our team constantly strives for continuous improvement. Our quality craftsmanship has been in the market for years, and our customers are satisfied with our services.

We Encourage Diversity

Taurus Projects is not limited to one ethnic group or race. Rather, it believes in the diversity of cultures and likes to hire people from different backgrounds. This quality of diversity helps us to create a collaborative environment where everyone learns from one another. We believe in the development of new skills so our team can work as tradespeople and technicians.

We Offer Many Services

Taurus Projects is not limited to providing construction-related services only. We offer a bunch of other related services to help make your projects successful. Taurus Projects’ team knows how to accomplish perfection in every task, and that is why we offer many services to make every construction project a success. The list of our services is as follows:

  • Site Services include site setup, site trailers, blocking and spillage dike construction, furniture assembly, placement, office setup, general maintenance of site trailers, office partition construction, shelves, storage sheds, etc.
  • Fleet management including washing, fueling, and maintenance of all site equipment, Roadside assistance, services, booster services, construction equipment rental
  • Material Management including material handling, truck unloading, Storage, inventory control and retrieval, shop and module yard material planning and coordination
  • Construction Services
  • Industrial Electrical Contracts
  • Civil Earthworks including underground utilities and infrastructure, Water, sewer, storm, Subdivisions, deep and shallow utilities, earthworks, subgrade preparation, geotextile and erosion control, and more.
  • Construction Projects Supervision

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If you live in Saskatchewan and are looking for a trustable and professional construction firm to carry out your construction project, our team at Taurus Projects will provide you with the best services. Our experienced team members will guide you through the process and turn your project into a giant success.

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