4 Benefits Of Construction Fleet Management

There are many challenges and risks associated with the management of a company, such as construction, oil, and gas. The most common issues that a construction company has explicitly to deal with include low driver satisfaction, minimal vehicle visibility, delayed cash flow, poor communication, and unrealistic or inaccurate forecasting. The success of any viable company is at risk when these issues remain unresolved or persist for a long time. Construction companies must practice efficient and reliable fleet management for continued growth.

What Is Construction Fleet Management?

Construction fleet management is a process that gives a company control over its fleets operations to understand better and improve its key business functions. This includes planning, directing, and overseeing construction operators, dispatchers, fleet vehicles, and other assets. It also involves the entire process from acquisition to resale, as well as vehicle tracking, fuel, maintenance, accident management, and more.

Companies and organizations that buy more than ten vehicles in a single year and operate, or operate more than 15 are considered fleet owners.

Benefits Of Construction Fleet Management

Optimize Fleet Vehicle & Operator Performance

Having effective management over a construction company’s fleet assets means collecting, storing, and examining operator and vehicle data. Having complete and reliable data allows fleet managers to get a deeper understanding of fleet operator and vehicle history and performance. This historical data includes purchase and accident history, mileage, maintenance and repair records, mechanical diagnostics, routes, and previous driver records of your construction company.

All this information enables your fleet managers to make well-informed decisions, which serve to increase productivity and growth, and improve daily business operations. Regular fleet maintenance ensures higher safety levels for operators as well, which translates to increased job satisfaction and a decrease in the turnover rates of your workers.

Increase Workflow & Productivity

A fleet management system is truly effective when it minimizes delays, issues, and errors that might disrupt the workflow of your company. It allows your construction business to have a comprehensive understanding of all its assets and project requirements. For example, fleet managers can use past projects to plan more effective routes, requiring less fuel and mileage. Knowledge about more efficient routes is beneficial to the finances of your construction company and for the environment.

This historical data can help your construction fleet manager assign a particular job to the right person, meaning that each task is completed efficiently and on time. Effective and efficient management enables your business to boost its productivity and workflow. An accurately planned and assigned project ensures that everyone involved has all required resources available to them without delay or error, and the job is completed with maximum efficiency.

Improve Invoicing

One main advantage of construction fleet management is that it improves the invoicing system of your business. It ensures that all statements and bills are organized and handled accurately. These include billing, ticketing, payments, signatures, logging routes, and time tracking that were done manually in the past. However, new regulations require all companies to digitally manage their invoicing and transactions, including e-ticketing and digital record keeping. It is an effective way to safeguard your data, minimize payment errors and misses, and improve security.

This system makes it easier for your drivers and sub-contractors to access tickets when signed, saved, and processed electronically.

Better Budgeting & Forecasting

Fleet management systems minimize the operational expenses of your company through historical data collected over time. Metrics collected by fleet manners allow you to have valuable insights and a deeper understanding of the financial gains and losses of any part of a project. It can also help you to minimize the operational expenses of your fleet, such as fuel, maintenance, and tire wear. These occurrences can be reduced significantly by proper monitoring and insights into the vehicles and operators performance.

You can also use the construction fleet management data to improve the scheduling of your employees. Your project flow and operational efficiency can be increased if you know who are your best performing drivers and which routes can minimize their drive time.

If you use construction management forms to estimate and bid on projects, the overall processes accuracy increases by 15%. Reporting also allows for maximum transparency so your business can forecast and predict expenses and revenue effectively, thus generating more accurate budgeting and projections overall.

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