Common Challenges Of Fleet Management And Ways To Overcome Them

Fleet operation plays an important role in any organization. Its efficiency can ultimately affect the success of the business. An effective fleet management strategy is crucial for a company’s growth.

Effective fleet management involves the process of managing commercial vehicles, asset information, vehicle acquisition, and disposal. All this is managed by a manager(s). This means that the fleet manager has the big responsibility of monitoring fleet activities and ensuring a transparent fleet management system while also considering cost reduction of the overall process.

The fleet management industry is constantly evolving as the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic has influenced the company’s normal operations. The pandemic has also affected the normal operations of the fleet.

This requires fleet managers to overcome certain challenges and maintain an efficient, safe, and productive fleet system. This might include managing maintenance, fuel consumption, and other points.

Many different industries use fleet management systems, and each of them faces its unique challenges. This blog post covers the common challenges of a fleet management process and ways to overcome them.

Which Industries Have Fleet Management Systems?

Fleet management is used in several industries such as:

  • Oil and gas emergency Services
  • Governments
  • Construction
  • Utilities
  • Mining
  • Pest control
  • consumer goods
  • Food delivery
  • Rental and distribution
  • Transportation

Challenges Of Fleet Management

Fuel Consumption Cost

Petrol and other fuel prices have increased over the past few months. This situation has made it even harder for fleet managers to keep their fleet management under control. Fuel is a major factor that allows the vehicles to run, and without it, a fleet management operation cannot function.

These circumstances put a lot of pressure on the managers to manage the costs as higher authorities emphasize reducing the cost required for fuel. There are some interactive fleet management systems in the world. These interactive vehicles and fleet management systems let the drivers know of high consumption areas and highlight where they can save thus helping reduce fuel wastage.

Moreover, the adoption of digital applications can help managers track vehicle routes, access data on service history, maintain compliance records, and more. The Internet Of Things (IoT) and telemetry have made all this possible.

To read about ways you can reduce your fleet’s expenses, check out this blog.


Problems with the vehicles and vehicle downtime is another challenge faced by fleet managers. Out of service vehicles in the fleet increase cost and cause a great setback to the company’s revenue.

For this, it is necessary to understand asset management challenges. These might include finding the vehicle’s capacity, its condition, and other factors. Moreover, figuring out downtimes ahead of time and keeping solutions ready for any such situation can help you keep your fleet management on track.

Drivers should be given adequate training and proper education about the fleet and vehicle handling. A system should be devised where a manager can oversee driving behavior. Moreover, managers can check odometer readings in real-time and monitor driver behavior. So, timely steps can be taken to minimize the impact.

Optimization Of Routes

Again this point is dependent on the latest technology and software applications. Route optimization is necessary for exact fleet vehicle location, identifying the optimal vehicle to dispatch to that location on an urgent basis, and calculating the best route. Such GPS-based data can help select the best routes, which might help reduce downtimes and costs.

Other Challenges That Fleet Management Face

  • Shortage of drivers
  • Lack of security
  • Time wasted on non-core business tasks
  • Driver safety
  • Investment in new vehicles
  • Replacement of assets and equipment

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