Benefits Of Effective Construction Material Management Processes

“Penny wise, pound foolish.” These seemingly four short words explain precisely what causes cost and time overruns, substandard work, and delays in construction project schedules.

Construction contractors are often notoriously frugal about saving every penny in business operations such as administration, advertising, and human resources. However, they act incredibly careless when it comes to construction material management.

This carelessness often leads to great blunders that result in soaring costs, disputes with clients, and even the termination of the whole project. The latter is apparent from a Nigerian case study which clearly reveals the detrimental effects of poor material management in construction. This concentration on a few business functions and carelessness in other vital operations such as material management is what leads to the demise of most construction projects.

One way to save yourself from such disastrous outcomes is by always involving a professional company that can readily and reliably provide premier construction material management services. Yes, you might think you can do it on your own. But think again about the above proverb: do not save a penny, only to spend a pound at the end.

After all, money doesn’t grow on trees, now does it?

As specialists in concurrently handling diverse projects and construction activities, we shall educate our beloved readers regarding the benefits of effective construction material management and handling.

Advantages Of Effective Material Management In Construction

The preceding explanation emphasizes the significance of the material management process. However, it’s essential to realize that the process entails more than just purchasing materials, storing them, and using them.

In fact, the procedure encompasses far more than what instantly comes to mind. As a result, we’ll start with a quick overview of what material management entails before moving on to the benefits.

What Is Construction Material Management?

In simple words, the process is about efficient construction material handling. It entails purchasing materials at fair prices, storing them in appropriate conditions, inventory control and record-keeping, material planning, releasing them at the right time for the right project and place. Moreover, the process also expands into material waste management. In short, material management can make, shake, or break a construction project.

Sometimes, construction contractors divide these aspects into different material management systems, but it all adds up to the same thing. These activities are implemented at various points across the project’s lifecycle without following any specific order.

What Are Its Benefits?

Evidently, the importance of effective material management can not be emphasized enough. Thus, it is worth remembering that this process is a necessity and not just an additional benefit.

Here are just a few of the perks that effective material management can provide you:

Reduction In Material Wastage

In a world consistently facing the depletion of almost every resource, material conservation makes it to the top of the priority list. An appropriately formulated material management strategy ensures that only the needed quantity of material is released for usage. Seasoned material management service providers often utilise numerous software such as Jovix and other ERPs to gauge control inventory levels.

Minimal Deviation From The Budget

As pointed out earlier, poor material management leads to increased costs. Although a contractor is not rigidly bound by the exact budgeted figures (slight variations are inevitable), a huge deviation leads to either reduced profit or a dispute with the client. A professional contractor should always remain close to the budgeted figures, and this can be done by managing material usage to avoid wastage, theft, or duplicate material handling.

Work Completion Before Deadlines

Meeting deadlines is one of the biggest challenges construction contractors face. Delayed dispatches from the warehouse and distorted communication with truck drivers often result in the material reaching the desired site late. Consequently, workers either complete the task late, which results in financial penalties or increase the speed at the cost of quality and deliver substandard work.

The result in both cases is a dissatisfied client. However, a well intertwined and interconnected material management system will eradicate the former.

Improved Workforce Productivity

When materials arrive at the right time and place, your labour will feel motivated and energetic. They will diligently finish their work within the regular working hours and demolish the need for overtime.

Elevated Reputation Amongst Customers

Lastly, any business endeavor should aim to secure a returning client to further lengthen their clientele chain through word of mouth. This is only achievable when the work done meets the needs of the client and is within their deadlines.

Proper material handling increases efficiency and reduces the time to complete a project.

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