Frequently Asked Questions About Construction Management

Construction management includes using specialized project management techniques to manage different project phases, including planning, design, and construction. Its primary purpose is to control various elements of a given project, like time/delivery, cost, and quality. It also fits well with different project delivery systems, such as public-private partnerships, design-build, construction management at-risk, and more.

Here, we provide answers to some frequently asked questions regarding construction management to help you understand better:

Why Is Construction Management So Important?

Construction management is a process in which project managers plan strategies, manage unexpected issues and delays, and solve complex problems that arise throughout the project. Many construction managers use cost-appraising and planning applications to determine expenses, time, and the materials required to complete a task.

Construction management is essential to large-scale building projects with increased potential for problems, delaying the plan, and costing money. A construction manager measures each design decision with careful analysis, measuring the budget and schedule’s impact.

What Are The Primary Objectives Of Construction Management?

The following are the primary goals of construction management:

  1. Planning For Each Task: Planning a construction project helps identify and include every activity of the project from start to finish. Every action is scheduled in a timeline for efficient tracking of the construction project.
  2. Choosing Construction Methods: This includes choosing appropriate construction methods for various construction activities. The plan also encompasses selecting the right tools and equipment and making them available whenever required during a project.
  3. Construction Equipment & Machinery Planning: Due to increased equipment rental costs, it’s crucial to plan when you will need certain construction machinery to ensure smooth project completion. The project plan should include using these pieces of machinery to maximize potential during the given period to make it cost-effective.
  4. Procuring Quality Materials: A construction project plan must include material procurement planning to complete the project within budget. It’s also not advisable to keep these materials unused on a site for a long time to avoid degradation.
  5. Employee Skill Development: Some construction activities require the availability of skilled labor to execute the work. It might also not be required to employ such professionals throughout the project; that’s why proper planning can help reduce that activity’s operational costs.
  6. Documentation And Drawings: Construction drawings and specifications play a vital role in keeping the project on schedule and avoiding costly construction delays. Therefore, it’s essential to make the schedules of drawings, specifications, and other documentation available at the job site for review and project execution.
  7. Financial Planning: The financial planning of a construction project requires knowing that various amounts are needed at different stages of the construction project. It’s not wise to invest all your budget on construction during the project; instead, it can be done in phases whenever required.

What Are The Essential Skills Required For Effective Construction Management?

Some of the vital skills needed for effective construction management include vast construction industry knowledge, comprehensive planning, communication and organizational skills, negotiation, financial and risk management, technological expertise, feedback, and more.

What Are The Major Stages Of Construction Management?

Some of the most significant phases of construction management include infrastructure design (feasibility analysis followed by bidding), pre-construction (contractor and their team conduct site examination), procurement (materials, labor, and equipment), construction, commissioning (all system installation and final testing), owner occupancy, and project closeout.

Can I Hire My General Contractor As A Construction Manager?

Yes, most experienced general contractors also offer their services as construction management experts. A reliable construction manager can eliminate all the checks and balances involved in your project and act as an independent advocate for all construction, budget, and scheduling issues. A quality construction manager will ensure adherence to the plans, specifications, and budget to complete the project following your cost, time, and quality objectives.

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