2 Tips To Help You Avoid Equipment Downtime

A prevalent question that comes to almost everyone’s mind while starting a construction project is how much will equipment downtime cost them.

Construction projects involve large and heavy construction equipment and unplanned downtime of heavy equipment can cost you thousands of dollars or even more per day and delay your projects completion.

Construction equipment downtime creates a domino effect in a construction project as it not only costs you money but also delays your project and impacts the productivity of your project as well.

Severe equipment downtime will begin to affect the productivity of construction contractors and workers on your job.

So it is important that you hire a professional construction fleet management company that will help you prevent construction equipment downtime and will help you complete your project on time.

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There is no way that you can predict equipment downtime or damage but still with the help of foresight and planning you can keep all your construction equipment in good, and safe working condition.

Proper fleet management will increase your construction project’s efficiency, productivity and will help you manage your expenses better.

If you are still wondering how you can manage to avoid construction downtime then keep on reading to learn some tips in this blog that will help you reduce your equipment downtime.

The Real Cost Of Unplanned Downtime

Typically an hour of unplanned equipment downtime can cost you hundreds to tens of thousands of dollars. So an unplanned downtime will not only affect your whole business but will also impact the productivity of your construction workers.

For instance, if your construction workers were to arrive at the construction site and find out that a certain part of a significant machine is broken, this would affect their whole day schedule or even longer, depending upon the severity of the equipment damage. But you will still have to pay their daily wages as it’s not their fault that the equipment broke.

Also if your construction equipment breaks down on your construction site then it can also become a security hazard.

So the best way you can minimize your equipment downtime and also ensure your employee’s safety is by hiring a professional construction fleet management company.

A professional fleet management contractor will perform regular inspections of all your construction equipment and will maintain them properly to avoid equipment breakdown.

It is important that you invest in fleet management for the regular maintenance and inspection of all your construction equipment. It will minimize equipment downtime and will help you manage your project’s costs and schedule effectively.

To help you be safer and more efficient during your construction project, here are 2 tips that will help you reduce equipment downtime at your construction site:

Be Aware Of Unexpected Downtime Delays

It is very important that you are fully aware of all the unexpected and uncontrollable delays that can happen on your construction site.

Here are some uncontrollable delays that you can’t control:

  • Delay in deliveries by vendors.
  • Worker’s absenteeism due to tardiness, illness, and scheduling errors.
  • Repairs due to the misuse of equipment by workers.
  • Unavailability of spare parts.

These are some of the uncontrollable factors that can cause downtime and there is nothing you can do to control them.

The best you can do to mitigate these factors is to call employees on-call to cover for absent staff other than that you can’t do much to avoid these problems.

Train Your Employees

Another thing that you can do to reduce equipment downtime is train your employees on construction equipment maintenance.

It doesn’t matter whether the equipment is old or new, it still needs to be properly maintained.

So make sure that all your workers and construction contractors know how to properly maintain the construction equipment they are using.

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