Specific Roles And Duties Of A Building Contractor

In any construction project, there are three main parties involved; an owner or client, the management team, and a building contractor. The building contractor is responsible for planning and executing all your construction tasks and completing the project within the given time and budget.

It is the responsibility of your building contractor to figure out the best methods to complete your project on time and within budget. The following blog post elaborates some of the specific roles and responsibilities you can expect a building contractor to perform.

General Responsibilities Of A Building Contractor

In general, a building contractor is responsible for planning, executing, leading, supervising, and inspecting a building construction project. A building contractor remains an important part right from the beginning to the end of your project, regardless of its scope.

Your contractor is responsible for planning and executing all your project tasks in compliance with the local or federal building construction codes and regulations. A contractor may hire subcontractors for specific tasks such as electrical connections or HVAC installations.

Specific Roles And Responsibilities Of A Building Contractor

Project Planning

The first duty of a building contractor is to create a practical project plan and get it approved by the concerned authorities, mainly the owner of the project. Some of the responsibilities of project planning include;

  • To plan all crucial project implementation and development details.
  • Determine the materials required, equipment needed, and plan their best-suited procurement.
  • Meet any legal or regulatory requirements and authorities.
  • Foresee all possible risks and come up with effective risk mitigation strategies.
  • Establish an effective communication strategy among all project participants.

The building contractor is responsible to provide accurately and closely predicted project budget and devising strategies to follow it as closely as possible.

Project Management

The main task is the timely completion of your construction project. And for this, your construction contractor will need to manage and coordinate several construction activities simultaneously. Some of these activities include:

  • Ensuring the availability of funds for the smooth running of the project.
  • Decide and purchase or rent the construction equipment required for your project.
  • Calling for bids and releasing tenders to hire quality subcontractors.
  • Interviewing and hiring the subcontractors for specific tasks.
  • Preparing and maintaining project reports to get intermediate payment clearance.
  • Purchasing materials (material management) with effective anticipation for them to reach the site when needed.

Moreover, building contractors are also responsible for their personnel. They are required to make sure they have the right number of people with the right skills. Sometimes, contractors may also manage the payroll for their employees and payments to the subcontractors.

Project Tracking

Project tracking at various levels is fundamental to make sure that your project is progressed according to the contract schedules and specifications. In addition to progress tracking, contractors are required to avoid and block any project distractions and disruptions. This involves several overlapping and contemporary activities, such as;

  • Quality control
  • Implementing cost-effective construction methods
  • Choosing the best materials and equipment within budget.
  • Ensuring the optimum level of on-site inventory by scheduling and purchasing in advance.
  • Ensuring the observation of all safety measures, to avoid any worksite accidents and insurance claims.

During the whole construction project, building contractors are required to track and manage project progress. Of course, they are required to keep the scope, location, budget, and time in mind while making decisions.

Legal And Regulatory Issues

Contractors have a significant size of legal and regulatory duties. They are responsible for attaining all the permits and licenses before starting construction while covering all the necessary fees and applied taxes. Your building contractor is also required to make sure that the construction process follows all the local building codes and regulations throughout the project’s lifetime.

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